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About Renaissance Energy Australia

Renaissance Energy Australia is a niche energy consultancy providing management, auditing and technical consulting services – working with industry, government and academia.

Our services include project evaluation, development and management; auditing; research consulting; energy productivity; workshop facilitation; and energy and carbon management.

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We offer management and technical consulting services in the following areas:


The Future of the Grid

Planning for change and choice.

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Solar thermal performance modelling

Technical analysis and auditing for solar heating systems.

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Microgrid Solutions and Hybrid Power Systems

Techno-Economic analysis for renewable energy systems.

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Conferences and Seminars

Leading events for discourse, discussion and debate in the energy space.

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Impact of Electric Vehicles on Sydney’s electricity transmission network

Policy research and technical analysis.

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Energy and Resource Productivity consulting

Saving Energy and Resources through the Power of the Team.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy savings and regulatory compliance through better management and systems.

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Carbon Accounting and Management

NGER – National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting System.

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Renaissance Energy Australia is based in Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast.

e: john(at)r-energy(dot)com(dot)au
P.O. Box 351 Terrigal, NSW, 2260
John: (plus)61 400 851 204